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Preventive Maintenance Programs
We have found that a properly maintained sewage lift station can operate without costly breakdowns. Our program is set up to get an experienced service crew to your lift station on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly schedule. During our scheduled visits we complete a check list examining the pumps, mechanical equipment, control panel and power supply. Items that are faulty will be repaired on site if possible to avoid another trip. The owner may preset a dollar amount at which they wish to be contacted before on site repairs are made.
Our crews have been able to discover and repair problems before it becomes an emergency. At the very least the customer is alerted to arising problems through the reports that they receive after our visits. This allows time for the customer to prepare for upcoming expenses. Stevens Electric and Pump Service Inc. has reduced the nuisance service calls to the lift station we have contracts with, lessening the expensive emergency callouts for the customer.
If you are interested in a maintenance program with us please call for an appointment. We will have a representative meet the customer at the lift station to prepare a quote. The quote will be based upon our findings and the requests of the customer. The quote will be sent to the customer and if acceptable will be signed by both parties at which time the contract will begin. The customer will be contacted prior to our visit so they may have a representative present. A complete report will be filled out and mailed to our customer after the visit.
Customers enrolled in our maintenance program enjoy a reduced hourly labor rate as well as the up to date knowledge of the condition of their lift station.
*Customer references and proof of insurance can be provided upon request
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Preventive Maintenance Programs


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